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Search artists, songs and movies.  Play now or join the Circulate song!  Shazam will capture any music in seconds.

Discover artists, songs, movies and playlists for free.  Over 1 billion installs and counting.  "Shazam is an app that feels like magic" "Shazam is a gift…

Entertainment changer" - Pharrell Williams, GQ Interview Think you can beat Shazam? To find out, mess around with the Shazam app while watching the show! Why would you want to?

 જમીન પ્લોટની માપણી કરો તમારી જાતે તમારા સ્માર્ટ ફોનથી એકદમ સરળ રીતે આ એપ્લિકેશન 

 Find any music call in seconds.  Listen and upload app music playlists.  Follow along with time-synced songs.  Watch song movies from App Music or YouTube.

 Enable dark theme on Shazam.  Get Shazam for Wear OS.  Shazam Anywhere, Anytime  Use pop-up Shazam to grab a song in any app -

  Instagram, YouTube, TikTok...  No connection?  No problem!  Shazam while offline.  Turn on Auto Shazam to continue searching for songs even when you walk away from the app.

 ક્યાં ક્યાં વરસાદ પડશે  જાણો લાઈવ હવામાન ની અપડેટ તમારા મોબાઇલમાં..

 What Else Find out what's popular in your USA or city with Shazam Charts.  * Get advocated songs and playlists to discover new songs. 

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Open any music in Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music at once.  * Share songs with friends via Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and more.  Thousands of 5-star reviews!  Availability and functions may also vary by USA.  For more statistics about Shazam's privacy practices, please check our privacy coverage here

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