Video of Kabar speaking Hare Krishna goes viral

You must have seen many videos of animals and birds going viral on the internet, in which their cute cute looks always win hearts, often in many videos you must have heard parrots saying the name of Ram and many other things that you would be happy to see, but now A video is going viral in which a Kabar was seen uttering words like Hari Bol and Hare Krishna.

Kabar Speaking Hare Krishna Viral Video

According to the media report, this video which is going viral is being said to be from Mathura. People are rapidly sharing this video on every social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. There is only one question in everyone's mind that how can this bird be a devotee of Shri Krishna?

In the video going viral, a person in the background is talking to the bird and asking it to call it Hare Krishna. As soon as the person speaks, the bird also starts chanting Hare Krishna. After a while the bird also says Hari Bol. Millions of people have seen and liked this video on social media.

The video has been shared on Twitter, with the caption, Amazing, heart touching eternal bird. See what Sanatana Dharma teaches. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna After watching this video, many people are also giving their reactions in the comments. Users are also appreciating this small devotee of Shri Krishna.

The size of the grave is 25 cm And the head, neck and upper chest are black. The rest of the body color is brown, which is darker on the back and paler on the underside. The tail is white on the underside. Its rounded tail is black and white at the tip. Kabar's eyes are night brown, beak and soft folds that come below and behind the eye, its color is yellow and its legs are also yellow. Males and females are so similar in appearance that it is difficult to tell them apart.

Its nesting season is from April to August. It builds nests in trees, walls or well cavities. It uses roots, twigs and man-made materials like thread, paper, plastic etc. for nesting. It lays 4 to 6 bright blue eggs. Male and female work together from incubating the eggs to raising the young.

This bird is found all over Gujarat and India in open fields, fields and near human settlements. This bird is also found on offshore islands including Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Israel, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

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